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Reviews - Tue Sep 25, 2012 @ 08:23AM
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I've been noticing my HDMI television's image isn't as crisp and clear as it once was. I figured the thing was getting old, or maybe I had a slightly defective piece of equipment. Oh well, I'll just buy a new HDMI television, or maybe I won't? I do spend an awful lot of time just sitting in front of the thing, like a hypnotized zombie. Anyway, I digress... What I've been meaning to say I just learned that using Windex and paper towels on your HDMI television is a bad thing. That's been my cleaning method, and I think this is why my HDMI screen now looks crummy. You are only supposed to use microfiber cleaning cloths on your HDMI screen. Any other cleaning methods can reduce or damage your image. That's right, HDMI screen cleaning requires:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Rub the HDMI screen gently
  • Only use enough water to slightly dampen the cloth and only for tough stains and splotches
  • Never use chemicals, your bare hands, or any kind of material that is anything but microfiber!
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Reviews - Wed Jun 06, 2012 @ 07:13PM
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There is a pretty good set of Negotiation Tips on the web. They come from some business lawyer, but even so, we find them sensible and very reasonable. The surprising part is how passive the Negotiation Tips are, at least coming from a lawyer. At the very start, he advises us to stay quiet and listen, to not make a move too quickly, and to even befriend the enemy if possible. Throughout the first few tips the old trite phrase "you have two ears and one mouth for a reason," is asserted. We can't disagree. As we said, we're just surprised a lawyer would recommend such an approach. We are used to them doing all they can to talk and talk and talk. How often does a lawyer listen?

We really liked the Tip to Find an Ally. Here it was suggested that if you are in trouble and can find someone to do your arguing for you, you can end up in a pretty good place by avoiding the confrontation, and the expense, altogether. An example is given where a subcontractor gets into trouble with the owner on a big construction job. One of the other subs wants him to help him fight the contractor. But, the smart thing to do is just side with the contractor. Let him take on the owner and pay the legal bills. Besides, the contractor is your customer! Take his side to reduce your cost, time spent, and to keep getting business from him in the future.

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Reviews - Thu May 10, 2012 @ 07:48PM
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Workers' Compensation, in a nutshell, is coverage an employer provides to an employee when an employee is hurt, made sick, or disabled on the job, usually on a temporary basis. On a permanent basis or for permanent disability, there may be coverage through the employers' policy, or the government may provide assistance. Coverage is for work related injury or illness, which can arise from a single event, like a machine accident, or multiple events, such as daily typing on the job for years, which may result in carpal tunnel syndrome. So let's answer the question what is workers' compensation by exploring a hypothetical involving carpal tunnel syndrome. And really, this is the same question as what is workmans' compensation? The terms workmans' and workers' are commonly used interchangeably. Here is an instructive hypothetical involving Betty, who comes down with carpal tunnel syndrome:

Betty's wrists start hurting one day. She's been a secretary at ABC Corp for 30 years. Her fingers just don't hit the keys like they used to. Her hands seem to tie up. She goes to the HR department and is referred to the the safety officer, who is in charge of filing workers' compensation claims. She interviews Betty, fills out some paperwork, Betty signs it, and Betty goes to see a doctor the saftey officer recommended. Upon a number of tests and x-rays, it is determined Betty has carpal tunnel syndrome and it is a work related injury. Betty is scheduled for surgery and spends the next 5 weeks healing up. During this time all of her medical bills are paid and she recieves compensation of 60% of her usual wages during this time. She returns to work and everything is back to normal again. The surgery was a success. Betty didn't have to sue her employer and her job was still available for her upon her return.

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Reviews - Thu Apr 26, 2012 @ 11:49AM
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Life is a tough cookie. Making it day to day, is hard enough. Get up early, shower, eat a fast breakfast, drink some high rev coffee from 7-11. Work all day for barely enough money to get by on and hardly ever get overtime like you used to get. With gas prices going up every day, you're not sure you're going to make it. You don't even want to get into the grocery bill, or even talk utilities. Last month you lived the last week on your credit card and now that is maxed out. There are even rumors you're going to be cut from 40 hours a week to 35. You know what to do. You can cancel your cable bill and eat more Ramen noodles. You are going to make it. That is, you were going to make it until you received notice your wages were going to be garnished. Wage garnishment is all you needed. It is an old debt for an apartment lease you broke, and somehow they got a judgment against you for $5500.00. Now your employer is going to be taking 25% of your hard earned money out of your paycheck. You have just 10 days to fill out some forms and ask for a hearing.

You don't need to ask what is garnishment? You know what it is. You just need to know how to fight it. There are several arguments you can make. However, in your case, assuming you don't have any other obligations or garnishments or whatever, and you are receiving ordinary wages, and the judgment is valid and you know it, you probably only have one good argument. Don't take this article as word for it because every case is different and you should talk to a lawyer. But, with this said, you can argue economic hardship, and if you are successful, you can get the garnishment reduced to 15% or even less in most jurisdictions. Basically, you usually just check a box for "economic hardship" or write about your hardship in the forms you have that allow you to request a hearing. Then when the court day comes, bring printouts of all your bills and show how you'll end up on the street if you get 25% slashed from your check.

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Reviews - Fri Apr 13, 2012 @ 07:42PM
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Jenny was all smiles and giggles, and she hadn't been all smiles and giggles for many years, not since the terrible automobile accident. Since then the once prom queen and head cheerleader had been a sad, disfigured girl and her fake eye was always wandering in the wrong direction. She hadn't had a date in years, but everything changed when Jenny, who happened to be a millionaire because the auto accident had involved a very drunk politician who cannot be named due to issues involving author safety, decided to fix up the living room of her 5000 sq ft house in the hills. It wasn't just a 5000 sq. ft. house. It had 25 ft. ceilings.

The doorbell rang, and it wasn't just a doorbell. The veritable mansion's doorbell was essentially a pipe organ.

Jenny was all smiles, or at least half of her face smiled because of all the scar tissue and nerve damage. Her good eye sparkled, though the bad one wandered.



"Oh Becky, it is so good to see you! Come in! Come in!"

"How have you been darling?"

"Oh Becky, you have to come meet Jimmy! He is the bomb! And he loves me! Can you believe it?"

By the hand Jenny dragged her friend through the house, down the foyer, through an atrium. through a grand room or two, and finally they arrived at what appeared to be a dark home theater. The sounds of gunfire and screaming zombies filled the air. A young disheveled man with two automatic electronic pistols in hand was reclining in a fancy chair firing away at the zombies coming at him on the 20' screen.

"Jimmy love! Meet my friend Becky!"

"Dude," mumbled Jimmy without looking their way.

"Hi Jimmy," Becky tried to say nicely without grimacing.

The girls then traversed the house to another room and began having tea.

"So tell me Jenny. How did you find such a wonderful man?"

"Oh Becky! I met him on Craig's List! His name was GamerBoy696969."

"Ok. So next thing you knew he was here?"

"Yes! He just moved in! I am so happy!"

"Ok girlfriend, out with it. How did you win his heart so quickly? This has moved pretty fast."

"HDMI in TV! That plus the home theater, the Playstation whatever number special edition or whatever it was, and Jimmy just couldn't live without me. Can you believe his mother wouldn't let him play his games on her television? The nerve! He is a 34 year old man and should be able to make his own decisions. He loves me because I take care of him. He even said I'm beautiful."

"That TV HDMI home theater with Playstation will do it every time!" 

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Reviews - Thu Apr 05, 2012 @ 07:06PM
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I read an article a lawyer wrote about collecting old debt. Suppose your company is behind in collections. You keep resending invoices and emailing but the past due accounts keep growing and growing. It is pretty simple. You just pick up the phone and start calling. Make sure you get ahold of someone that can actually pay you, you know, get the check cut. Sometimes it takes a while, but be sure to ask the person you are talking to if they have the authority to pay you. If they say no, ask who does. Get that name, write down their number, and call them. When you talk to them, see if they can actually cut the check, and if they say no, ask who can. Get that person's name and number. Finally you will talk to the right person and they'll be able to tell you why you haven't been paid, and either get the check in the mail or tell you what you need to do to make them happy. Collections is a grueling task. Keep on it through the phone and email, making direct contact and putting commitments in writing. Keep at it. Fix the problems that might be holding up payment on the inside. So this means you have to keep badgering the person that owes you the money, as well as anyone at your business that is slowing things down because they aren't getting their jobs done. Be sure to get the help you need from higher ups when you can, and don't forget you can always issue a credit memo for anything prematurely billed. This will help AR look a little bit better, even if revenue has to take a hit.

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Reviews - Sun Apr 01, 2012 @ 09:52PM
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If you have a really cool product and you've thought of a good name for it, you want to protect the name. You want the name recognition so people can pass on the good news that what you are selling is really awesome. If you get the name all to yourself and keep it that way, no one can jump in a start using your name and start taking your market share. Anyway there is a good article about how Blue Ocean Capital got their name for their product, the Brush Gripper registered with the Trademark Office so only they could use it. The first step was making sure they could use the name and then once they knew it was kosher, they filled out and filed all the paperwork. While they waited, they put a "TM" after the name to let everyone know it was theirs.

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Reviews - Thu Mar 29, 2012 @ 11:19AM
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You don't always know if your girlfriend is telling you the truth or not. You met her online and she goes for hours without answering your text messages, and sometimes you just lie there at night wondering if she is with another man. Things don't add up. You've never even seen her driver's license. You are smart to check her personal history because for all you know she's a felon, has a warrant out for her arrest, or is even married.

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You have HDMI for TV and it is working like a charm. You are the life of the party because all the guys can come over and see the game crisp and clear and you can call the plays better than the referees. The guys even bring the beer. Life is good. However, even though everything is worked out for the weekend games, at night when you and your lovely wife sit down to watch your next Netflix movie on DVD, it just doesn’t look so good. You have your HDMI set up just right. The game is always crisp and clear, and when you flip through channels 1000+ they look good too. However, the DVD movie looks no better than the non high definition channels provided by your cable company.

What gives? Well, we know you splurged on even your Type A connector with the 19 pins and it has the “HDMI” logo on it. You didn’t buy your HDMI cable cheap. You paid $119 for the blasted wire. Nevertheless, let’s start at the back of your television and find the wire running from it to your DVD player. Yes, the same Type A wire with the 19 pins goes to the DVD player, but when you get to the DVD player, you see the problem. It is an old DVD player. You need a Blue Ray player! And if you have a Blue Ray player, you need to also be playing a Blue Ray DVD. Yes, every part of an HDMI setup has to be HDMI compliant. Your display is only as good as your worst piece in the puzzle. To play DVD movies in HDMI you need the HDMI TV, a Blue Ray player, and a Blue Ray disk, and make sure it is all connected by a good HDMI Type A cable.

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Johnny Wraith - Mon Feb 01, 2010 @ 12:51AM
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For the record, Volume I contains most of the stuff I once had to say so badly that I started writing in order to say it. It is also the stuff I couldn't speak through any mouth but that of Johnny Wraith. Johnny is real, don't get me wrong. He is out there somewhere, on the streets, at your office, in your classes, sitting next to you at a pub or in church. He is your muse and your conscience, but for each of us he has a different voice, motivation, and song.

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